Tipps and Shakes

How about a Panini with that Shake?

Top 5 Best Delicatessens In Sacramento

“Burgers, sandwiches and shakes make this little deli a must for Sacramentoans. That tri-tip and provolone sandwich is just the obvious sum of two great things adding up to an even greater thing. Fresh ingredients abound at this masterful eatery that specializes in the best of traditional American fare. And with a comprehensive milkshake menu that allows you to mix flavors for an extra $.50. That just might make this place one of SacTown’s best hidden gems. “

Christopher Millard

CBS Sacramento-

Best Delicatessens in Sacramento

Customer Reviews

The service is quick friendly courteous the food is amazing and I love the fact that I can order it and pay for it online and just walk in and pick it up. They have specials of the day they will accommodate any changes you want to make to an order and its good its fresh wonderful food.


Veronica R

San Francisco, CA

This place is one of my favorite places to go for lunch. The food is amazing! Ive tried their pastrami sandwich, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and burgers. Everything is amazing! Sometimes its packed and takes a lil longer to get your food but its worth the wait.


Ashley R
Sacramento, CA

I love this place! The food is great! The service is very friendly. It’s a great little mom and pop place. My whole office loves this place we eat there at least once a week. Salads, sandwiches, soups and burgers. They have great shakes as well. Make the trip! It’s worth it


Mary G
Sacramento, CA